The Politics of Prayer

The Politics of Prayer | Patriots and Paulies Politics & News


KRISTI KIRK (PATRIOTS AND PAULIES POLITICS & NEWS) – Our best hope of restoring rights, liberties and justice in America hinges upon a spiritual rebirth and reawakening. There really isn’t any hope of that happening without it. While thoughts and focused intentions are very powerful, the most powerful essence in the world is truth. NWO politicians who pose in phony prayer for photo ops are trying to steal the power of the people by tricking us into thinking their god is the only truth. But if we can all come together and focus on discovering the real truth,  their false god and imagined power will disappear like a shadow from the light.

When Murderers and Liars Pray

(KENNY’S SIDESHOW) – Not to disparage the power of prayer but have you ever wondered what exactly is going through the minds of those who are obligated by tradition to attend a prayer service that is a photo op for deception?

As they leave the service and go back to their work of destroying the nation, murdering men, women and children all over the world and basically lying with every breath, is there even a tinge of guilt in their bones for what they are about to do for the next four years?

dick-cheney-so-help-me-godI doubt it. Spirituality and the politics of domination are in conflict. These people chose the dark side and there is no turning back. They can pretend all they want, they can fool a large percentage of folks but at the end of the day they have no communication or connection with positive aspects of the universe. None that I can see. When an Obama, a Bush, a Clinton seemingly prays, it is in the black hole of hypocrisy.

Hilary Clinton Prays with Hacidic Jews

PRAYER PHOTO OP: Hilary Clinton prays with Hacidic Jews on National Prayer Day

Politicians Pose in Phony Prayer for Photo Ops

Our best hope of restoring rights, liberties and justice in America hinges upon a spiritual rebirth and reawakening.

I’m sure there are some who think that their prayers to the Hebrew god have been answered.

Netanyahu gets to continue his land theft, genocide and influence in the US crime scene.

Obama and Netanyahu are dangerous.  Their prayers use the technique of creative visualization and with backing from those above and around them can often make the visualizations happen.

It’s easy to point out negativity that confronts us. It’s also necessary to do so. It’s easy to become angry and sometimes that is a positive motivator.

In God We Trust

It’s also necessary for us to use our own positive creative visualization prayers or whatever you want to call them. If millions of us visualize the downfall of crime and corruption while at the same time sending out the energies of love and justice, could that make a difference? Strength in numbers and thought which becomes positive action?

“We need to remember that the separation of church and state must never mean the separation of religious values from the lives of public servants. . . If we who serve free men today are to differ from the tyrants of this age, we must balance the powers in our hands with God in our hearts.”

Lyndon Baines Johnson

This is not a soft approach. This is hard core – us vs. them. By remaining positive and visualizing the outcome we want, we will know what to do when the time comes. No matter what that may be.


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