Ron Paul, Nebraska and Our Stupid Media

Jack Hunter's Paultical Ticker on PATRIOTS AND PAULIES (Politics & News)

PAULTICAL TICKER with Jack Hunter (RONPAUL2012.COM) – I keep reading these stories about what happened in Nebraska yesterday, where phrases like “Ron Paul’s last stand” and reporters saying things like “it’s all over for Ron Paul” are used liberally.

This is stupid. These reports are stupid. They may be accurate in the immediate technical electoral sense, but are wholly inaccurate in the much more pertinent and larger sense when reporting on anything concerning Ron Paul and his very large, vocal and influential movement.

As I have said throughout this entire election cycle, the mainstream media knows how to cover campaigns. But it has no idea how to cover a movement. As The American Spectator’s James Antle wrote in early May at Real Clear Books:

But the biggest problem is that there is no easy media narrative for what Paul is doing. The success or failure of most presidential campaigns is determined by two simple metrics: winning the nomination and winning the White House. Whatever his principled disagreements with Mitt Romney, when Rick Santorum suspended his presidential campaign, that was all she wrote. There is no generation of Rick Santorum Republicans ready to run in his place.

I summed up the much larger importance of the liberty movement in my video Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important than President in early June:

That Ron Paul will not be president is of little concern to me. I fought as hard as anyone on the campaign to make this happen, but from the very beginning I’ve never considered it the be-all-end-all goal of this campaign and this movement. Why? Because I know that what Ron Paul and all of us are doing is far more consequential than who actually wins the nomination or the presidency.

Some might think I’m kidding. I’m not…

During the George W. Bush years there was zero libertarian principle in the Republican Party. In the last four years, and thanks to Ron Paul, the small “l” libertarian principles that Barry Goldwater promoted and Ronald Reagan considered the “heart of conservatism” are finally back—with a vengeance.

Ron Paul’s movement is taking over the GOP from the grassroots up—with many local and state Republican Parties being staffed, and in many cases led, by Paul supporters. Every last volunteer who spent time and effort working hard in their state conventions to secure delegates and the nomination for Ron Paul, can know that it is PRECISELY their efforts that are helping to transform the GOP of Bush into the Party of Paul.

And not only Ron Paul, but his son Senator Rand Paul. And not only the Pauls. but this is also becoming the Republican Party of Congressman Justin Amash and future Congressman Thomas Massie. This is becoming the Republican Party of the overwhelming number of 18-30 years old who voted for Ron Paul in this year’s Republican primaries, far more than any other GOP candidate. This is becoming the party of a new generation of voters who know they’ll never see entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, and who also understand that you can’t police the world while expecting to have limited government back home. This emerging new electorate understands that true limited government means eschewing both domestic and foreign welfare in ways their voter predecessors never understood.

There have been generations of “conservative” Republicans who’ve talked about cutting spending. Thanks to Ron Paul, we’re seeing the first generation willing to do it…

The worst thing about the Republican establishment is that they don’t stand for anything. The best thing about the Republican establishment is that they don’t stand for anything. Once our movement more fully defines what it means to be a conservative Republican, the establishment will follow. In some ways, they already are. Mainstream Republicans care first and foremost about being part of the winning team. Slowly but surely, it is our philosophy and our Republican brand that is becoming that winning team. The hardcore neoconservatives left standing in our wake might even have to go back to the Democratic Party from whence they came.

What Ron Paul is doing is right now is far more important than what Mitt Romney or Barack Obama are doing. Ron Paul is changing the Republican Party in a way that promises to bear political fruit for decades to come…

We have elections every few years. We have very few revolutions during our lifetime.

No doubt, the Tampa convention will be a coronation for Mitt Romney. This is fine. But it will also be the most high profile demonstration to date to mainstream America that the Republican Party is becoming the party of Ron Paul. And Rand Paul. And Justin Amash. And Thomas Massie. And beyond.

It is this movement that stands ready to define what it means to be a conservative Republican for the next 25 years, 50 years and then some.

Ron Paul will not be president. He will instead go down in history, if not this year, in future years, as the man who redefined what future Republican presidents will be. What the party will be…

It all started with Ron Paul, but doesn’t end with Ron Paul. As Dr. Paul said himself almost a year ago, right after he almost won the Iowa Straw Poll:

“I’m not trying to win an election. I’m trying to change the course of history.”

And he is. We all are.

This is only the beginning.


Your thoughts?

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