From the East Came the Feared Paulies

From the East came the feared Paulies. The villagers were frightened as rumors told of great changes.  What could they do as they only outnumbered the Paulies by over one hundred to one?

It Takes A Village

JAKE SEZ (THEPATRIOTSCORNER.COM) – There was once a village with the name of Establishment.  In the village of Establishment lived the rulers of a great republic.  The people in Establishment considered themselves rulers because they got to make the rules that everyone else in the republic had to follow. Everyone except that the rulers of Establishment.  They were usually exempt from many of the laws that the others had to follow.

The people of Establishment spent all of the money in the republic with no regard as to when or how it would be repaid.  They made arbitrary rules on whims of friends, supporters and acquaintances.  These policies required foreclosing on the villagers homes and the watering down of the value of the currency and property while still allowing the rulers of Establishment to do as they pleased.  They kept the villages of the republic happy with empty promises that they had no intent to keep and threats of the bad thing that would happen to them if the rulers of Establishment were not there to protect them.  The rulers also allowed many people in Establishment to live off of the labors of the people in the villages while not doing any actual work themselves.  These people supported the rulers of Establishment with great enthusiasm.

A small village, renowned for their wonderful tea parties, thought that enough was enough. They protested and rallied against the theft of their hard work and the ridicule heaped upon their beliefs by the rulers of Establishment.  They presented their demands which asked for more freedom and less control of their lives and families.  These demands were printed on orange sheets of paper.

At first the rulers ignored the protest of the village.  However, after a few minor victories they started to realize that this protest could soon become widespread if something wasn’t done soon.  So the rulers of Establishment tossed a few crumbs to the village with the wonderful tea parties.  However, the tax breaks that were given usually went to friends and supporters and the rules which were relaxed benefited businesses and labor groups that supported Establishment.  When election ballots were issued, Establishment candidate names were on top of the ballot or were marked so that the villagers could see who was suppose to win.

As resentment grew and the villages anger increased, the Establishment rulers received a very lucky gift.

From the East came the feared Paulies. The villagers were frightened as rumors told of great changes.  What could they do as they only outnumbered the Paulies by over one hundred to one?

The rulers of Establishment went to the villagers and told them that if they allowed the Paulies into their villages, the Paulies would spend all their money, take their homes and make them abide by rules that the villagers would not like.  Things would be even worse under them than under the rule of Establishment.  Establishment was the lesser of two evils.  The villagers were stunned.  They held a quick meeting and then asked the rulers of Establishment to save them.  The rulers agreed under one condition.

The villager would have to sign the green sheets of surrender first.

The villagers threw away their orange sheets of demands and signed the green sheets of surrender.  In the end, the rulers of Establishment got what they wanted, the Paulies got what they were after and the villagers went meekly back to their cottages while congratulating each other on the  grand battle they had fought.

Peace was upon them again.

This was not a fairly tale.  This is what I saw at the Arizona Republican Convention.  A convention that was marked by miss-management at every possible turn.

It was a shambles from the lack of foresight to campaign printing on the ballots.  Just plain ineptitude at a great location.

The thing that saddened me most was the lack of fight in the conservative movement.  We looked good and seemed to be well armed for a platform battle, but we failed to even show up for the fight.

The conservative slate was printed on orange sheet which flooded the arena.  The Republican establishment slate were printed on green sheets which were barely noticeable.  Alas, the Republican establishment won the battle with a rumor.  Green sheets flowed while orange sheets fell to the floor.  If we can not bring ourselves to make bold and coordinated movements to advance our cause, then we are no better than the villagers in my tale.

We need a tea party movement based on the tactics of the Ron Paul crowd.  We need to be organized, not take what is offered with out protest and we must demand that our ideas be recognized and acted upon.  We do not need the Ron Paul style shock troops to scare our fellow Republicans.  We just need  the common sense of good conservative principals to win the people over with the facts.  We need to talk to our fellow conservative both in and out of the Republican party.  We need to bring these people into our new Republican party in great numbers so that we may gain the influence needed to act upon our principals.  We need to organize and find a true leader that believes with us.  Not a leader that merely sees us as a pathway to an elected office.  Just one trusted individual to get us started.  It does us no good to have the support and then find out that the only candidates we have are the ones supplied by the Republican establishment.

I am going to begin the search to find a few good conservatives that are willing to start the organizational process.  We will find an individual to support.  I will keep those interested advised.

Your thoughts?

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